Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Evening Shots of the Missouri River

A few evening shots of the Missouri River appear below. These pictures were taken in June. I posted one of them in a Facebook photography group that I belong to.

Middle afternoon and evening are my favorite times to walk along the river.  I hope to get in more walking soon, no matter how high the temperature is. I have learned to recognize that each season is special, and it is best to enjoy whatever the season offers.

Most of my time as of late has been devoted to grading student essays. I have graded something like one hundred and sixty essays since my summer classes started in June. Forty of these essays were graded in the last week of class. A teacher's life usually includes a period of time in which very little exists outside of the classroom. In my life, since I teach online, I devote large periods of time sitting in my home office--answering student questions via e-mail and grading essays, quizzes, and discussion topics. Summer sessions, because of their brevity, are accelerated--both for the student and, even more so, for the teacher.