Monday, July 15, 2019

Jan Harbeck: A New Discovery

A recent review of Jan Harbeck's The Sound the Rhythm led to my discovery of older titles in his discography, particularly In the Still of the Night and Copenhagen Nocturne. Sometimes when I'm riding the recumbent bicycle in the living room, I turn on the TV, click on YouTube, and call up Jan Harbeck's "Harlem Nocturne" and "I Love Paris," both of which appear on the Copenhagen Nocturne album, and both of which still allow me to pedal more than four miles in twenty minutes. I am including these videos below. I have not yet had the time to burn my downloads of his albums onto CD. That task is reserved for when I finish grading my student essays this summer.

I mentioned once before that I provide my students with examples of the music that I listen to while grading their essays. I have included these two videos of Jan Harbeck in my list of music selections. It will be interesting if the students say anything about this music next week, the last week of the summer session.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Pictures in Canvas_Spring 2019

As I probably mentioned once before, one thing I like about Canvas, the learning management system that I am using for my online classes, is the ability to add my own pictures to designate the assignment modules. I often think of these pictures as metaphors for what the students are asked to do in any one assignment module. My pictures for Spring 2019 appear below. I have tried to get student feedback, but no one has yet commented on my pictures and what meaning that they convey.

The last four pictures come from a park located above the Missouri River in Leavenworth. I enjoy walking along North Esplanade Park and often take my camera with me. The park where I used to walk has been closed off since March because of the flooding.

The students were asked to take a position in the argumentative synthesis. That view from a solitary park bench has been enlarged to show the incorporation of more sources in the expanded argumentative synthesis. The revision assignment reveals the rapidly approaching end of the semester. Earlier, the students are greeted with the serenity of the introductory materials before they start taking a path in the first week of class and cross a bridge into critical reading for the rhetorical analysis.  The picture for the informative synthesis, on the other hand, is the closest thing, and the most realistic, to what the students face in that assignment as they compare and contrast what appears in three articles on the same topic.

Long before I decided to pursue degrees in English, I wanted to be a photographer. I had enlisted in the Air Force with that intention right after I finished high school, only to learn that I am color blind and not qualified for that career field in the military. That initial interest in photography appears in my playing with the pictures that my students see in Canvas.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Flowering Trees

The flowering trees have been particularly pretty this spring. These pictures were taken over a two week period and show some of the changes that occurred during that time. I sometimes get outside in the afternoon to take a walk along the Missouri River. I can justify the time by telling myself that I can use some of these pictures in my online class to designate certain assignment modules.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Magnolia Blossoms_2019

My annual collection of magnolia blossoms appear below.  On the second day of taking these pictures, I took something like 530 pictures. Once I downloaded them onto the computer, I had to sort through them and kept something like half. It was a windy day and my shutter speed wasn't always fast enough. I was also moving between an aperture setting and a shutter speed setting as I worked on capturing what I thought might be a great shot. The thirteen pictures appearing below are probably the best ones. These magnolia blossoms got my wife singing a Grateful Dead song, which is a feat in itself. If I should happen to come across any other pictures that might be worth sharing, I will add them in another post.