Monday, July 15, 2019

Jan Harbeck: A New Discovery

A recent review of Jan Harbeck's The Sound the Rhythm led to my discovery of older titles in his discography, particularly In the Still of the Night and Copenhagen Nocturne. Sometimes when I'm riding the recumbent bicycle in the living room, I turn on the TV, click on YouTube, and call up Jan Harbeck's "Harlem Nocturne" and "I Love Paris," both of which appear on the Copenhagen Nocturne album, and both of which still allow me to pedal more than four miles in twenty minutes. I am including these videos below. I have not yet had the time to burn my downloads of his albums onto CD. That task is reserved for when I finish grading my student essays this summer.

I mentioned once before that I provide my students with examples of the music that I listen to while grading their essays. I have included these two videos of Jan Harbeck in my list of music selections. It will be interesting if the students say anything about this music next week, the last week of the summer session.