Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sunflowers at the Grinter Farm

A field of sunflowers at the Grinter Farm, near where I live, attracted a number of people over the past two weeks.  The farmer welcomed visitors and sold sunflower heads for a dollar each. Like many other photographers, who were posing teens and babies, I managed to wander through this field while hunting for photo opportunities. There was so much traffic on Labor Day that I couldn't get close to the field and had to wait until the following Wednesday.  I would have returned for another visit if there had been enough time.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Scenes of GMO Corn

One thing I enjoy is driving along the country roads in my area. Whenever it is possible, perhaps because I have the time or because I am alone, I take the least traveled route to my destination. It offers an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and to listen to music.  These opportunities occur once in a while.  A few pictures of the GMO corn grown in this area appear below. This corn, when it is harvested later in September, is used as food for cattle. According to a recent article in the newspaper, the great majority of the corn grown in Kansas is genetically modified.

Red Barn Farm in Early September

I recently made a trip to Red Barn Farm, which is located near Weston, Missouri.  Making a visit to this place is an early autumn event for my family. We hope to return in early October when there are even more pumpkins on display. Since my visit last year, the owner has created a new barn for wedding parties and other special events, making it possible to attract visitors to the pumpkin display, apple picking, and small store while hosting weddings in another part of the farm. Diversifying generates more income.