Saturday, September 06, 2008

Political Paragraphs

For anyone who may be looking for political commentary on the recent conventions and the upcoming election, it may be best to go elsewhere. Both conventions were unnecessary in my view since the presidential candidate for each party had already been decided prior to the convention. The conventions seemed like a waste of money that could have been spent elsewhere and on more important things than political rhetoric.

I ultimately think that the political system in this country is deeply flawed. Both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are funded by corporations, who seek to ensure that the elected candidate rewards each donor after the election. Neither candidate will put real change into place, despite what they say, and neither candidate will address the problems affecting this country, that is, to name just a few, global warming, overdependence on fossil fuels, and the trillions of dollars owed to foreign powers.

It's unfortunate that two months remain before the election and another two months will pass before the inauguration. I'm so tired of hearing about each candidate.

I sincerely doubt that whatever happens will be the result of a fair and honest election. We have already seen how the last two presidential elections were manipulated. More than likely, this one will be, too. Maybe some other country needs to teach us about democracy because we certainly don't have it here. If democracy existed, we would have a system in place that would allow third party candidates to assume office--within the state, in Congress, and within the executive branch. The election itself would be one in which the people, not the electoral college, decides who wins the election based on the number of votes. No real change will occur until such a transformation takes place.