Sunday, May 01, 2016

After a Spring Storm

After a series of storms on Tuesday and Wednesday dropped almost four inches of rain, I got out on Wednesday evening to see whether the Missouri River was running high. The bulk of the water from farther upstream, I have learned, won't actually arrive until Monday.

There have been places in the US that have been devastated recently by the flooding. My heart goes out to those people affected by the recent flooding. I feel fortunate to live at the crest of a hill and to live in a town that only floods along the river and that has prevented people from building in its flood prone areas.

Before my wife and I bought our home, we checked with our insurance agent and his maps of the area to ensure that we were not in a flood zone. Having experienced a flood in Oklahoma, we didn't want to repeat the experience.  Not everyone has that option for any number of reasons. Likewise, it is difficult to anticipate those bouts of abnormally heavy rain brought on by our changing climate.