Monday, May 23, 2016

A Verdant Spring

The Missouri River continues to run a little high. Although the flooding in this area has peaked at the moment, there is more rain expected in the next few days.  The greatest amount of rain in eastern Kansas typically falls in the spring. This May is proving to be a particularly wet month. That's why the grass looks so green in these pictures.

I sometimes think to myself when I am outside, "It's hard to believe that the Earth is dying." There are still moments in which everything seems to be right with the world.  It's these times that need to be treasured.

One has to realize that the water pictured here isn't potable and picks up the treated sewage from the cities and towns upriver. My drinking water comes from wells located below the river and undergoes a treatment process before it is pumped throughout the city.  Atrazine is still present in the water at amounts considered safe, that is, something like three parts per billion. There is no telling how many plastic microbeads can be found in the water.

Although fishermen are not visible in these pictures, I often encounter people who fish for carp and catfish and who tell me that the river provides some good eating.