Sunday, November 02, 2014

Jakob Lind Lauritsen's Shadowing

For each of the past several years, I have been compiling a list of the best jazz recordings released during that year. One of my selections for 2014 is Jakob Lind Lauritsen’s Shadowing, an EP of six songs that has been released on the Gateway Music label, a label that promotes independent musicians in Denmark. This piano trio is composed of Jakob Lind Lauritsen on bass and audio art, Nicolai Majland on piano, and Morten Haesum on drums.

Consisting of electronic effects, this audio art allows Lauritsen to create a fourth instrument, one which makes a significant contribution in “En Aften,” “Egn Prelude,” and “Egn,” the first three tracks, and in “Time,” the final track.

The predominant mood is melancholic. Even so, the music can be appreciated at all times of day. The nuances are most pronounced when the volume has been turned up.

The contribution of each member is strongest, without the addition of audio art, in “Mild,” the fifth track. Ultimately, this twenty minute EP serves as an excellent introduction to Lauritsen and his trio and reveals the extent to which young jazz musicians in Europe have been experimenting with the piano trio and attempting to expand its possibilities. Let’s hope that the trio decides to release a longer recording in the near future.

Personnel: Jakob Lind Lauritsen, bass and audio art; Nicolai Mailand, piano; Morten Haesum, drums.

Tracks: En Aften (5:19), Egn Prelude (1:15), Egn (4:42), Interlude (0:56), Mild (5:07), Time (2:09).