Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Weston Bend State Park

One of my favorite places to walk during the autumn is at Weston Bend State Park. It is located at a bend of the Missouri River and located in a rural part of Missouri, about an hour from downtown Kansas City. It is possible to look down onto the river or to look toward Kansas at various points along the trail. This view might have been the one that Colonel Leavenworth or one of his scouts saw in 1827 when he decided to abandon his order to build a fort along the river in Missouri, opting for the opposite side, despite treaties ensuring that the Americans would not build their settlements on the western side of the Missouri River.

The changes that occur in the autumn happen so fast that it is possible to miss the transformations in nature. These outings for me offer an escape from my computer for a little while before I have to return to my online classes.