Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yonni Hale and the South Wind on Kickstarter

My wife has recently launched a project on Kickstarter. She is trying to give herself the time to finish a novel, Yonni Hale and the South Wind, and to write a companion to the novel, The Magical History of Kansas. As an adjunct instructor, she is usually burdened by stacks of student essays, most of which she devotes too much of her time to grading.

A short review of her first book in this series appears below. Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind can be located on Smashwords.

Yonni Hale and the Cosmic Wind, written by Rajah Hill, focuses on the growth and perceptions of a young girl as she comes to learn of her personal power and her connectedness with women of all ages and with nature. One of a series of projected books containing the character Yonni Hale, and set in Kansas, this novel captures elements of small-town life, where the division between those with money and those without money is readily apparent. Those who run the town seek yet more influence and make an effort to destroy the lives of others. While her large family allows Yonni to grow up assured of love and support, she is not willing to let any of her friends suffer because of the influence exhibited by those businessmen with money. Yonni, as she gains strength and control over her personal power, harnesses nature to protect those she cares about. The novel develops Yonni’s transformation and her control over this power. At the same time, the novel lingers over such things as the strength of Yonni’s mother, her parents’ relationship, Yonni’s relationship with her sisters, and her introduction to the professors and the knowledge available at the local college. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable novel, and although there are things worth savoring, there is enough suspense to cause one to stay up reading into the night.

More information can be found at the following link: Yonni Hale and the South Wind