Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"What I'm Listening to" Gadget

The addition of the “What I’m Listening to” gadget on the right of this page has made it unnecessary to add posts about current jazz discoveries or acquisitions. Recently, for example, I have discovered Einar Scheving’s Cycles , a 2007 release in Iceland, thanks to a recent MP3 made available for free at AllAboutJazz . Having enjoyed that initial track so much, I decided to download the entire album from CD Baby and have been delighting in this music while driving and while grading my students’ essays. Einar Scheving’s Cycles is at the top of the list appearing to the right for that reason.

A veritable flood of CD releases in jazz will be made during the remaining months of 2012. It will be difficult keeping up with these new releases as I go about making my selections for the best of jazz in 2012. I have chosen about five or six releases so far as ones that I want to recommend as the best of the year; there are other recent ones that I have not yet made a decision about. Stay tuned.