Sunday, April 08, 2012

Another View of the Missouri River

These pictures appearing below present another view of the Missouri River in Parkville, Missouri. Notice that no fences disturb one's view of the river. Although there were temporary fences in place at English Landing Park when I was there a week ago, a couple of weeks before the official re-opening, no one was paying attention to these restrictions. The residents and visitors wanted to enjoy the park because of the spring weather, regardless of what the city desired.

Although I don't know how Parkville avoids legal responsibility when someone falls into the river and drowns, for example, because of the absence of fences along the river, I think that the visitors to both English Landing Park and Landing Park in Leavenworth need to be held responsible for their actions without the city imposing restrictions on how one enjoys the river. I am all for more personal responsibility in our lives.

These pictures can be best enjoyed if one zooms to, say, 150 or 200%, after clicking on any one picture.