Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pilot Pencil

Quinn at Project for a New Mythology recently described his favorite writing instrument and added a picture of one after he was able to locate a box of twelve to replenish his supply. My own favorite writing instrument is a Pilot Pencil #2, 0.7 mm, with the addition of a rubber grip to cushion my fingers and a replacement eraser, one that is longer and more secure than the eraser supplied with the pencil.

I started using this pencil when I was working on my terminal degree, having found the first one at a bookstore near Eskimo Joe's . I liked how the pencil resembled a regular #2 pencil and once I saw an office worker using a rubber grip on her pencil, I decided to add one to mine because the amount of writing was leaving a deep indentation in my middle finger. This off campus bookstore eventually stopped carrying them, so I had to special order them from a Christian bookstore in Oklahoma City before it, too, stopped carrying them. I have so many now because I have made it a point to stock up whenever the opportunity has presented itself.

Having been spoiled for nearly fifteen years now, I cannot conceive of using any other pencil for most of my writing needs when I'm not using the keyboard. As a person with simple needs, this pencil qualifies as my equivalent of a Montblanc .