Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Respite From Grading

For those of you who have been visiting my blog and looking for a current update, I have to say that my life of late has largely been spent inside and in front of my computer. Except for a few late assignments, I have finally graded the first assignment in the five sections of English that I’m teaching this semester. Now I need to get to work grading the next assignment.

When the semester first started, I had ninety-four students enrolled in my classes. The number of students dropping my classes at one institution has been fairly steady, with nine students choosing to withdraw. I suspect the grades from this first assignment will cause a few students to withdraw from my classes at both institutions.

Despite the recent autumnal equinox signaling the official end of summer, the weather here in northeastern Kansas has been slow to change. Until I upload a few recent pictures of pumpkins at Red Barn Farm in Missouri, I am adding this picture of the long shadows of late afternoon stretching across the land. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to experience these peaceful scenes in nature just a few minutes drive from where I live. Sometime soon, I plan on heading down a country road just to discover where it goes and what scenes await me on each side of the road.