Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rock City, Kansas

Before spending the last weekend preparing my online classes for the summer session, during which I rapidly taught myself how to use Angel, a web-based course delivery system much like Blackboard CE, which I also use regularly, I got away from my desk and spent a few days exploring part of Kansas.

Years ago, I often saw the signs on US 81 for Rock City when riding the bus from Salina to Concordia. Not until last week did I finally make the trip to Rock City, the site of about forty to fifty concretions that vary in size. Very few scholars, it seems, have given Rock City much attention; among those few scholars who have studied these rocks, disagreement exists regarding how these concretions were formed. I’m not going to go into detail because of my limited knowledge of geology. Observing these rocks up close, nonetheless, is a pleasant experience and worth the trip, particularly when one has young kids, who love to climb through, around, and on top of the rocks.