Monday, June 18, 2007

Fort Wallace

Since the end of May, I have been adding pictures from the four days I spent traveling across Kansas. Wallace (population 64), almost at the edge of Kansas, was the farthest I traveled. In reading about Fort Wallace and in having researched some of the soldiers who died outside of Fort Wallace and whose bodies are now interred at Fort Leavenworth, I have wanted to see the remnants of Fort Wallace and the general area for myself so that I have a frame of reference when reading about the Cheyenne and Frederick Wyllyams, for example.

The remnants of the fort itself are on private property and not visible to passersby. Only the former fort cemetery is open to visitors. Quite a good museum, with friendly volunteers, is located in the city of Wallace.

In the picture included here, the site of Fort Wallace is located on the other side of the trees. If the Smoky Hill River were flowing in that part of Kansas, still, it would have run next to the remnants of Fort Wallace; it was the source of water for the fort.

The clouds cast shadows on the hills in these pictures. A front moving in from Colorado was sending cumulous clouds out over the land.