Sunday, May 13, 2007

Receding Flood Waters

The Missouri River at Leavenworth has receded about six feet on its western side. The city, unfortunately, continues to prevent access to the Missouri.

The flood waters at Farley, Missouri have now receded as well. According to the news reports, the Platte River has been much more destructive in Tracey, flooding roads and businesses. Farley has experienced some flooding along the river, but the community itself was unharmed. It is unknown what kind of damage the farms along the river have experienced.

I cannot say that floods are exciting, and I don't think I was gawking, or a member of that "peanut-crunching crowd," by taking pictures at Farley; instead, I was recording a moment. People who searched Google for more information about the flood made their way to my blog. It's possible that someone who has since moved away from the area wanted to learn more about the events at home.

My sensory perceptions were particularly acute on Saturday for some reason. The smell of the flood waters, reminiscent of a lake, was quite strong. The bird calls overhead at Schimmel City, a fishing spot on the Platte, made the shaded and quiet location seem relaxing, causing me to be in no rush to move away from the spot. The running sound of the water over rocks and past trees also proved reminiscent of a meditation garden. Floods aren't meant to be pleasant experiences.